Celebrating the Simple Things

Thank to Ruth Ayres for creating this space for our celebrations.  It's important to take time to celebrate even the smallest moments.

My heart is full tonight as I write.  Lights are twinkling, cookies are cooling on the racks waiting to be iced or drizzled, and the house is a total mess.  So many things to celebrate this week!

Final paper turned in!  I couldn't go to school without the support of my husband who keeps things sane around here.

Note left  by a little girl who was mad at me, but still wanted to help bake cookies.  Made me smile.
Keith and Destiny are building a cell phone microscope.  She is becoming a little scientist.  

One of my favorite traditions at Christmas.  Although I got a text from my son last night that the dog ate a dozen sugar cookies while we were gone.  Good thing I had made a double batch.

It's been a wonderful week of time with family, doing new things, and slowing down.  


  1. I love that your week included slowing down, so important this time of year. And it looks like slowing down allowed you to make room for cookie time! Doggone that dog. Who knew that dogs liked sugar cookies?

  2. We've had "dog" snitching in the past. They'll eat what's available, right? So fun to see that sweet note and Destiny building with her dad. Those times are so special. Thanks for sharing, Julie.

  3. Yes! Slowing down!... I need to do it more. :-)

  4. I love the last part especially..."Lights are twinkling, cookies are cooling on the racks waiting to be iced or drizzled, and the house is a total mess." So freeing!

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