I told myself I couldn't write.

I wanted to write, but instead, I shut down and closed up.  I was afraid of what would come out.  I was afraid that I might come undone in the messiness and uncertainty of our lives.

I forgot how reaching out and connecting opens our hearts to new possibilities.

I forgot the importance of laughing.

On Thursday, I boarded a plane to St. Louis to attend #NCTE17. 

Oh, how I had missed my friends.  While only able to stay for 2 days, I reconnected with old friends and made some new.  I listened to stories and calls to action.  I learned new ideas.  I bought some books.  Sparks of energy bubbled inside me.

The fog lifted.  I felt hope again. 

I woke up early, back in my own bed.  I knew what I write again. 

As I write in the quiet early morning, I am joined by a sleepy eight year-old.

"Julie, you're home," she whispers as her warm body curls into me. 

I invite her to write with me and she accepts.  My heart is filled with gratitude, contentment, and love.

Yes, there are many things to, friends, laughter, stories and reawakening.  Thank you to Ruth for creating this space to celebrate.  Thank you for enticing me to write again. 


  1. So many special treasured celebrations ❤️ The gift of friendships and family.

  2. I feel connected to your reawakening Julie. This is the first time I've written in many, many's been a ride. Glad to celebrate your writerly moments.

  3. I love that voice that voice that whispered, "Julie, you're home." And then accepted your invitation to write. My only time to attend NCTE was 2014 (hoping to go next year), but I love following along on Twitter. Lovely to see your name this morning.

  4. What a change. I am happy that you found the inspiration to write again.
    My favorite line is - "Julie, you're home," she whispers as her warm body curls into me."

  5. What a beautiful piece of writing, Julie - the two worlds of love you live in!

  6. Welcome back to writing! I'm glad you are dusting off your blog.

  7. Wonderful! I am trying to make the time for writing, and celebrations like these are inspiring. :)


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