Books Bridge Healing #Sol15 #DigiWriMo

Tonight I participate in Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life and Digital Writing Month.

Nine weeks ago, my husband and I agreed to open our home to two sisters needing a foster home.  We didn't know how long they would stay.  We didn't know what to expect.  They were able to go back home last week.  It was bittersweet.  These thoughts have been twirling around in my head for weeks.  The power of books can never be underestimated.

 I wanted to play with images and voice in this poem.  I treasure the photograph because it captures how far we came all because of books.


You came to me
Hurt and wounded
The wall
Around you

In that first hug
Your stiffened body
Told me
“Stay away.”
I cried inside for you.

I introduced you to Greg
The Wimpy Kid
We had something to talk about
The wall shifted
Just a bit.

After Greg, I introduced you  to Sunny Lewin.
You understood her.
She hurt just like you.
The wall cracked.
A brick or two fell.
And I hoped.

Next, we met Crenshaw together.
Shared conversations around
An imaginary cat
Fortified you.
Tentatively, you crept closer.
More bricks came toppling down.

You moved to your own books
While I had mine.
Meeting each night
Snuggled side by side
The wall disintegrated.

Healing began.
I watched you
Amidst stories and characters
Who made you laugh
Who made you cry

And most importantly,
Who gave you hope.


  1. Love your poem. Thanks for the pic and reading! Such lucky girls to end up in your home. Hope for continued healing in their lives.

  2. The power of books and someone caring. Blessings as you think of them and where they are now.

  3. So lovely, so powerful, so evocative of emotion ....

  4. Beautiful. Lucky girls, to have spent some time with you.

  5. Wonderful. What a great experience to share books and your home. Amazing.


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