Celebrating the Nuances of Family

"Julie, come here.  See what I drew of our family."

My heart quickens.

Our family.

On the patio I see...

Six blue hearts

Sketched in blue chalk

By six year-old hands

One for Autumn

            One for Destiny

One for Annie

            One for Zach

One for Keith

            One for Julie

Our family.

In one short week, our family now means something new.

Today I celebrate quiet time (and not so quiet time) with ALL of my kids and ALL of the puppies on this long Labor Day weekend as we settle into a cozy cabin in Pennsylvania.

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space of celebration.  Visit her site to read about other celebrations.  


  1. This is beyond beautiful. You are amazing and thank you so much for sharing little glimpses into this experience for us here.

  2. You have really accomplished a lot of loving in a short period of time. Please continue to share your family's growth.

  3. Oh, just lovely to hear, Julie. Have a marvelous weekend with the "family"!

  4. I loved reading about the six hearts on the deck, but had to back up to find last week's post to understand. Julie, you are brave and compassionate! Those girls are so lucky. Blessings that you'll enjoy your cozy holiday time together and prayers as you move forward with faith for this new opportunity.

  5. Julie,
    Such wonderful blessings you are providing and giving. Thank you for sharing this. Have a great holiday with your family.

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