#CLMOOC Make #2: ReMEDIAting

I wasn't quite sure where to being with this week's make, which is one of the things I love about #clmooc.  It stretches my thinking, which of course always takes me back to my practice in the classroom.  My offhand comment to Christina Cantrill on Thursday's Twitter chat got the wheels spinning, and the ideas kept coming.

I began to think about all the making I do in the kitchen.  I love to cook and the more creative I can be, the better.  So...

I had rhubarb, peaches and blueberries sitting in the fridge.
Could I reMEDIAte my favorite apple crisp recipe?  Of course I could.
I snapped a few photos to post on Instagram.

Hmmm...what would these look like in the Kaleidoscope app?  I had tried that for the first time last week and liked the effect it had on my images.  Another reMEDIAtion.

Could this count as my make?  It could, because there are no wrong answers (another reason I love #clmooc).

But I soon realized I wasn't done.  Could I take one of these images and turn them into wall art for my semi-bare kitchen walls?  What could I add?

A quote.  Yes, a kitchen quote was what I needed.  A Julia Child kitchen quote.

"Cooking is like love.  It should be entered into with abandon, or not at all."

I headed over to my favorite design tool for images, Canva and played with fonts, shapes, color and transparency to come up with this final image.  (I highly suggest you go through some of the tutorials to learn some cool design ideas).  And one more reMEDIAtion.

The next and final step will be to have this printed so that I can frame it and hang it in my kitchen.  

Thank you to the #clmooc community for pushing my thinking and allowing the time and space needed for this creation to exist.  

I will be adding more this week about the iterative process and the implications for my classroom. 

 So. Much. To. Think. About. And. Process.

Please visit Margaret Simons' Reflections on the Teche where she hosts DigiLit Sunday.  Check out how others are sharing their great work and smart thinking.  


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