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People ask me what we were thinking when we decided to get not one, but two puppies the day after Thanksgiving.  Three months later...

We still clean up poop piles in the house.    We still run around like crazy people as we try to grab articles of clothing (usually socks or underwear) out of their mouths.  We still find chewed up shoes or shredded paper towel tubes lying sadly on the floor.  

But even with all of these annoyances, the puppy perks make it all worthwhile.

We are loved unconditionally.
We are warmed on these bitterly cold days as they snuggle up against us.
We are comforted on those less than perfect days.
We are entertained by their crazy antics.
We are kept company...no time to be lonely.  

And as you can see from this photo, I'm also never short on brain power.  This little guy spent the day with me as I worked on various projects for school.

I couldn't have done it without him!


  1. I'll never understand why people must insert their opinions and ask WHY for things that aren't their business. (Like why people choose to have more than two kids, for instance.)

    Glad you're enjoying your puppers. I love dogs, but I'm SO allergic!

    Thanks again for joining us last night.

  2. Every one of your reasons for having those puppies is spot on. So worth the hassle. And I love the photo.

  3. I am usually on the sofa with a dog on either side.The people who ask "why" don;t really want to know. I only talk dog stuff with dog people. Everyone else thinks I am nits.

  4. I love puppy perks, too. Watching you with these two makes me think about getting another dog, but my lap can only hold one right now. I'm glad you are enjoying them so much. Empty nest is made better by dogs.

  5. I totally agree .. pets are so unconditional - and generous - with their love. It's sort of crazy the sacrifices we make for them - but it's so worth it!

  6. They are the best company - always so appreciative, and they never interrupt you.

  7. Ok, I am the minority here. I am not a dog person but I don't judge either. I know many people who animal lovers and they would completely agree with your puppy perks. I think if I lived alone, I may have a different attitude. :)

  8. Totally understand-why would any question two adorable puppies?

  9. I love, love, love dogs! And the only thing better than one puppy would be two! Glad you are enjoying your new family members!

  10. You are wild lady. I have two dogs but only in my fantasy dreams. In reality I'm stopped at the door but just what you describe. I grew up with dogs but I don't think they are in my future, well not this present, that's for sure, but keep sharing your adventures, okay?

  11. I think the puppies were a great decision, for what it's worth :) I'd love to have a little pup snuggled up against me as I work. (Instead I have 2 kids pulling on my pant leg. :)

  12. I've never been a dog person, but cats do not provide the kind of love you're describing. My BFF has a fabulous dog named Rusty. He's almost convinced me that I could become a dog person.

  13. I love the term, "Puppy Perks" - it would make a great title for a poem or picture book. :-) I think pets are wonderful, and I'm so glad you're enjoying them. People with pets are supposed to live longer and be healthier! You can share THAT with your naysayers. Ha.


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