Taking Ownership of Blogging

Thank you to Margaret Simon for hosting DigiLit Sunday.  Please check her site to see how others are using technology in their classrooms.

The first grade teachers in my building have taken the dive into blogging with their students.  We began with looking at mentors and doing some shared blogging.  And that's where the similarity ended.

Each teacher has now taken ownership of blogging in their classrooms,  going  in the direction that works for their kids.  It's been my privilege to go into their rooms and see the excitement on the kids' faces this week.  Everybody is in a different place.  Here's a glimpse into the three classrooms I visited this week.

We did our first shared blog in Mrs. Miller's classroom.  The kids were very excited to share the learning they are doing with their eighth grade buddies.  Check out their blog at http://kidblog.org/MrsMillersFirstGradeClass/millerde/eighth-grade-buddies-teach-us/.  

In Mrs. Shell's room, students created their own blogs for the first time and left comments for each other.  (URL to come soon.)  There were some popular topics...the running test in gym, another student's birthday, to name a few.

This little guy just posted his first blog.

She is reading her first comment.

Abbey decided to create blog teams.  Her students are most excited about getting comments from their parents and she thought this would be a good way for them to get started.  I had never even thought about team blogging and I loved the idea.   Here is the text she sent me on Friday afternoon after they posted their first team blog.

Team bloggers from Mrs. Cochran's class.

Please check out Mrs. Cochran's team blog at http://kidblog.org/MrsCochransClass-5/64b3937d-7dca-4e52-b012-436009fc7b45/our-class-on-computers-2/.  Leave a comment about your favorite holiday tradition.

Mrs. Klochak's class has done a few blogs on their own.  Her student blogs are at http://kidblog.org/MrsKlochaksClass/.

I so appreciate that each teacher is willing to take the risk of taking their students' writing outside their classroom walls.  Because I've seen the power of blogging in my own classroom, it's very exciting for me to watch the kids as they begin these first steps in becoming digital writers.


  1. So adorable, Julie. Put on your researcher's cap and get some data. I think this will lead somewhere. Thanks for posting today.

  2. Julie, team blogging sounds wonderful for little ones. It not only builds community but allows for the integration of tech/lit. The photos show the engagement and excitement.

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