Never Say Never...

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for providing this space for our celebrations.  It's important to take the time to celebrate the big and small things in life.  Please check Ruth's site to read other celebrations.

Twenty-one years ago, we got our first pet when our oldest was 5 years old.  We had two dogs, one cat, and an assortment of fish through the years of raising our kids.  We had pets up until 2 years ago and we were sure that we wouldn't have any more.  We enjoyed being able to get up and go away whenever we wanted without having to worry about who was going to feed the dogs or cat.  The kids would hint that they'd like to have a dog, but we were more pets for us.  In fact, my friend Deb has been fostering a dog who had six puppies.  I sat across from her in a meeting last week, thinking to myself how glad I was that we didn't have a house full of puppies.

It happened again last night...Annie mentioned how nice it would be to have a dog.  I felt myself waver...
"If we get another dog, I want to get one who's a little older.  It would be trained and well behaved.

Then this showed up on my Facebook feed last night:

8:30 AM this morning, we were saw the puppies on TV.  Oh boy!  I sent Deb a promises, could we come look at the puppies.  

We left the house, knowing in our heart of hearts, that we were going to bring home a puppy.  

We walked into Deb's house and I turned to Keith, "I think we should get both of them.  They're going to be lonely without each other."

"Both of them?  Are you kidding?" he asked incredulously.

"I'm serious," I replied back.

So, here's my little celebration for today.  Meet Jem and Scout (yes, we had to find literary siblings as their namesakes).

We are starting over with the whole puppy thing.  I'm thinking it's got to be easier this time around since the last time we had a puppy, Annie was 6 weeks old, Zach was 2 1/2, and I was watching my sister's kids, aged 3 and 1 1/2.

They are darling and we love them already.  I'm glad we changed our minds.

Molly just asked if we could get a kitten too.  I'm pretty sure the answer to that question is going to be, "No!"  We'll be plenty busy taking care of these new little ones in our family.


  1. Oh my goodness! They are adorable! I know you are going to have your hands full but better that they are together. By the way, I love their names! Very sweet~the pictures are so cute! Enjoy them-I'm sure you'll be making lots of sweet memories with them!

  2. Oh, how funny!! I hear myself in all your protestations about not getting any more animals. We have a dog and cat right now that are close to the same age, and both Ed and I say that when they're gone, we're done - for the same reasons - going on vacation, etc. I can imagine that it would be SO easy to be tempted again, though. No one greets you and cuddles with you like a dog!! I think houses without pets are a little lonely! ;-) You've got your hands full now, but they are as cute as can be. And I LOVE the names!!

  3. They are so cute. After meeting you, I totally understand how you couldn't separate them. Enjoy ~ we'll be waiting for the stories!

  4. Oh my gosh! Two new babies! So, so, so cute! Are they beagles or beagle mixes! Have fun!

  5. So wonderful, Julie. You will enjoy them, I'm sure, yet like you said earlier, I think I might prefer an older dog. Will see. I haven't had a pet in a while, & just really miss having a dog. My grand dogs make me want another. Have fun!

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