Celebration Saturday

Thank you to Ruth Ayres at Discover. Play. Build. for hosting the Celebration Link up.  I invite you to visit her site to read other bloggers' celebration posts.

I'm missing my friends who are at NCTE, but still have lots to celebrate!  Since I couldn't go to Boston this year, I spent the day doing the next best thing...watching Food Network and planning my Thanksgiving dinner.  Plus, I can keep up with what's going on at NCTE through Twitter and Facebook.  As I planned our Thanksgiving dinner, I was texting back and forth with my older two kids. We all have our must-haves and we're adding a few new dishes.  I'm so glad that my mother handed down her love of cooking and that my own children now share the same passion.  We will all be busy in the kitchen Wednesday...everything is made from scratch.  Thanksgiving is my favorite season because it's time for us to just be with each other and enjoy good food.

Thanksgiving Menu saved in Evernote.  Notice the Johnsons need TWO cheesecakes.

Celebration #2:  I met with parents this week to discuss their children's progress in school so far.  I'm so thankful for supportive parents.  When parents and school work together, children make the most progress.

Celebration #3:  Reading through my students' reflections as learners, I've been able to focus on the wonderful things happening in my room that are not reflected on the state's Value Added report.  Comments like these made me smile: "Everything that was once my worst subject is now my best." "I used to not like math.  Now I know that I can do math and I like it better,"  "How did you get my son to like to read and write?"  That's why I do the job I do.

Celebration #4:  I am so thankful for a supportive principal.  She had my back two different times this week.  

Celebration #5:  I got to spend the day with my youngest daughter and our "daughter" from S. Korea yesterday.  After a doctor appointment, we headed to Easton (a beautiful outdoor mall in Columbus) where we introduced Chanju to Cheesecake Factory.  Christmas carols played in the background while the lights twinkled all around us.  It was a fun afternoon of shared stories and laughter.  

Here's wishing you many celebrations and a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Doesn't reading those comments from parents validate what we do day in and day out! You had lots to celebrate this week, especially topping it off with cheesecake! Have a great week.

  2. I missed not being in Boston for NCTE as well - is it bad that I felt some comfort in seeing that someone else is missing it, too? By the way, I LOVED your Thanksgiving prep (the cheesecakes made me grin). I, too, had a celebration regarding my administrator having my back this week. Kudos to our supportive administrators. My favorite celebration in your post was your student reflections. Love those kid comments. Have a GREAT week!

  3. Love seeing your Thanksgiving menu. Shared stories and laughter, you had great celebrations this week! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. The holiday anticipation and menu planning are usually a bit stressful, I like that you see them as celebrations.


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