Slowing Down to Savor the Good Things: Slice of Life Tuesday

Today is one of those rare days that people get in December.  A break from routine.  A break from the hustle and bustle.  Time to slow down and savor.

Today I received the gift of time spent with some  amazing women.

The morning began with meeting a friend for breakfast before a doctor appointment.  The best wasn't a quick breakfast meeting that had to end by 8:30 to get to school in time for the 8:45 bell.  No, this was a leisurely breakfast where time was of little significance.

My friend retired last year, and I moved to a new building, so we haven't had a chance to catch up.  What a joy this morning was.  We shared stories about our kids and our lives; sometimes laughing, sometimes just shaking our heads.   I left the restaurant feeling uplifted, realizing how easy it is to let these moments slip by.

This evening was spent with four fabulously smart ladies who all share a love of literacy and teaching children.  Again, we shared stories of our own children and our teaching lives.  There was no hurrying to get to the next appointment or to check the next thing off our to-do list.  Instead, we lingered over delectable food and stimulating conversation.  New friendships were made and old ones were strengthened.

Spending my time with each of these women today was exactly what I needed.   I didn't dwell on what still needed to be done.  Instead, I just enjoyed.  During this holiday season, I hope all of you find time to spend with the people that buoy your spirits, feed your soul, and leave your heart full.

Thanks to Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers for hosting Slice of Life Tuesday.


  1. Sounds like the perfect beginning and end to your day!

  2. Your day was bookended with two wonderful meals with great people. What more could one ask for!??!

  3. Spending time with others is critical to our soul. I'm glad you found a day to enrich your soul. It's important. I usually read via my Google Reader, love the new webpage design!

  4. Julie,
    I'm still thinking about how nice it was to slow down and savor the evening. Most of all, I loved hearing about your new adventures in learning. Of course, I'm also very impressed that you managed to get a post out this evening as well. You inspire me.

    Thanks for taking the time to share, listen, and chat. As you said, it was perfect "to spend time with the people that buoy [my] spirits, feed [my] soul, and leave [my] heart full."

    Thanks, Julie.

  5. It was amazing to be so far from home and yet feel so at home too. Thanks, Julie!

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